About Us

About Us

Our Approach

We want to become the source in the machining world for simulation models of machine tools.  To accomplish this goal, we have established relationships with both simulation software vendors, and also with machine tool builders and their distributors.  We have also acquired a tool chest of laser measuring equipment.  We pride ourselves on our accuracy.

Our Story

We were sitting at a CAM reseller conference in 2005, when the CAM vendor announced an exciting new capability called Machine Simulation.  As we looked around the room of over 100 resellers from around the world, there were very few with any CAD experience or who could be reasonably expected to be able to develop an accurate model of a machine tool to put into this software. With a little research, we found the companies like Vericut had service organizations that did this for their own software, but would not work across application boundaries. We believe that simulation is very important, particularly in complex machines making complex parts. The more aces involved, the more tools involved at the same time, the less likely a programmer is able to keep the position of everything in his or her head. Thus, the higher the probability of making scrap instead of parts.

We started by building models of machine for our own direct customers, just for products we sold. By 2009, we had expanded to build models for MachineWorks in the UK, NX resellers worldwide as well as NCSIMUL, Vericut, TopSolid, CAMWorks and GibbsCAM users. Today we will find a way to work with anyone and sell models in 9 different file formats. To our knowledge, there is not another firm in the world that does this across software platforms like we do.

We have grown our library to exceed 200 machines from over 35 makers. We have also modeled accessories, including tombstone for vertical mills, table/trunion devices, indexers that are added on to machines as accessories. Our models look just like the machine on your floor and they are extremely accurate. We have located a variety of resources and established relationships with a number of builders. When no information is available, we will come out and measure your machine using laser measuring equipment, calipers, and for footprint dimensions, we have been known to pull out a tape measure.

Our models are priced aggressively to be lower than the cost of doing the model in house.  We stand behind our work and will make certain that our model accurately reflects the machine on your floor.  We loof forward to having you as a customer, either as a reseller or and end user.  If you have any questions, please ask!  Your satisfaction is our guarantee.