What we do

Since 2005, reThink Engineering has built and delivered CAD models of machine tools to customers.  Customers have used them in a variety of software packages.  Mostly they have been used for simulation and verification of NC programs.

We have signed contracts with many of the machine builders and strong relationships with machine tool distributors in our area.  These relationships provide us with access to drawings or dimensions for the models we build.  When we can not get this information, we find a local company with the machine and go out and measure it. We have a set of laser measuring tools which give us detailed and accurate data.

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Our models are being used in the following software:

Autodesk Inventor Factory Design Suite






IMS Verify








Top Solid


Work NC

and others ...

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Machine Types

reThink Engineering offers a variety of machine types.  We have libraries of:

2-axis Lathes


Multi-Axis Lathes

Sliding Headstock/Swiss Machines

3-Axis Mills

4-Axis Mills

5-Axis Mills

6-Axis Mills

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Why Buy Machine Models from reThink Engineering?

There are several options when it comes to acquiring models for simulation/verification.  You can do it yourself, which will include measuring the machine and knowing how each component moves.  It takes us 2 - 3 days and we do it every day.

Purchasing the model from the machine manufacturer is a second option.  They will charge more and their models are the total design.  Ours are optimized for simulation.  We have seen manufacturers models that exceed 3 Gigabytes.  Ours are generally under 500K.   Manufacturer's models usually include every nut, bolt, washer, wire and coolant hose.  None of these things need to be crash checked and they just take up computing and graphics resources.  Our models will run faster.

Buying from us is the best option!  Our models will cost less than the cost of in-house and are usually less than half what a maker will charge.  We have been doing model creation for simulation since 2004 and have a library of hundreds of machine tools.  These are accurate to within 0.05 millimeters.  The kinematics are right and have been proven in use.

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Interested?  Call reThink Engineering, Inc. at 513-889-4900 or send an email to kurt@rethinkeng.com.  We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your machine modelling needs.